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If a mundane situation is made brighter by some pleasant news, this particular day must be celebrated. Professional organisation and interesting way of presenting will turn even the most conservative and formal seminar or conference into enjoyable event with carefully considered details and excellent staff.

We offer a full service:

  • Suitable premises
  • Staff and/or assistant staff headhunting, shortlisting and interviewing
  • Budget planning or participation in budget drafting
  • Coordination of hotel bookings and transport services
  • Provision of technical equipment, simultaneous interpreting, presentation equipment
  • Shortlisting of experienced interpreters, interpreting equipment and technical staff
  • Provision of table sets for high rank meetings
  • Consultations in style, ethics and protocol observation
  • Elaboration and implementation of presentation materials
  • Advice in choice of suitable communication channels and information placement
  • Elaboration of scripts
  • Visual outlook of premises and stage

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