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Full service event agency Comfete is legally recently established company joined in by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We are confident in our targets and we do everything to reach them most efficiently. Comfete daily work is related to preparation for celebrations. It is the special feeling in the air, when „Celebration” song sounds as the right tune and there are thousands of creative ideas in our mind after just having listened to the client’s wish. Muses sit on the edge of a computer and fingers on the keyboard hurry to put down the stream of thought. Flame, which ignites each project, comes with the feeling of celebration. Posh conference, seminar or formal meeting, presents and taking pictures of moments of happiness – they all stand for CELEBRATION. But don’t worry if it seems celebrations are not enough – we can always celebrate the EVERYDAY! We are aware that the taste of candy is important, however let the way from the candy box to taste-buds be under responsibility of manufacturers. There is nothing sweetest than praise after a well done job. Come on! Party is coming!

We love celebrations, we love entertaining and living every day as a celebration. We love the joy of giving!

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